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Our goal is to help masons restore and preserve the heritage of masonry. We are proudly part of this generation’s masonry construction and strive to further the growth of the masonry industry.

In 2013, my partner Scott and I created our Company Widmer Castings inc. Having worked together for the past decade, we have grown our skillset together, learning from and encouraging one another. We are both committed to continuously refining our craftsmanship abilities, striving for excellence and learning from our mistakes. Through our collaborative teamwork, we are able to meet challenges and deadlines head on, be creative in our workmanship and brainstorm innovative solutions to issues that arise on a daily basis in the restoration and construction world. 

Our passion for precast concrete and the replication of architectural masonry has only grown thanks to the many projects we have worked on together in the past. Through these projects, we were able to recognize the need for custom precast in the masonry industry. With specially designed dimensions and specific colours, our custom precasts help architects and masons achieve a look and feel for their creations that is only attained when building with masonry products. We are also able to protect the presence of our masonry heritage by offering custom replications. 

We are honoured to be part of the masonry workforce that endeavours to preserve the elegance and character of the buildings that created and grew our cities and country and thankful for the opportunity to leave our mark on the masonry world, one unit at a time.

Nina Widmer 

My love for all things masonry started at a very young age. Watching my father, Alfred Widmer, restore masonry buildings all over Winnipeg inspired me. I have worked alongside with him at Alpha Masonry since I was 17 years old. I was given the opportunity to learn from him and gain his knowledge and expertise in precast and the restoration field. Over the past 15 years, I have had the honour of helping restore and preserve the interior and exterior of masonry buildings all over Manitoba. I have also learned the art of ornamental plaster replication. 


In 2014, I earned my Red Seal in Bricklaying from Red River College, becoming the first woman in history to complete the program. My accomplishment not only expanded my passion for and understanding of masonry but also blazed the trail for future women to join the trade. Since then, it has become one of my goals to help inspire and encourage women to become part of our construction legacy. Currently, I am chair of build together manitoba. Over the past decade, I have been featured in several articles, participated in educational workshops and given interviews as well as speeches on my experiences, all with the intention of supporting the advancement of women in the trades. 


I believe there is nothing more satisfying than being able to step back at the end of each day and see what you have accomplished, knowing that what you have built will be there for decades to come.

Scott Tourond

My journey into the construction industry began at the Lafarge Precast Plant, working my way up to the position of cement finisher. I learned many aspects of precast, such as mould construction and reinforcement during my time there. When the opportunity arose to join Nina and her father on a restoration project for Alpha Masonry, I took the next step in my career and began learning about Masonry restoration. After earning my Red Seal in Bricklaying alongside Nina, I have continued to work with her on a wide range of projects from plaster restoration, precast production, ornamental replications, masonry wall rebuilds and new masonry builds. The masonry industry has provided me with the opportunity to continuously learn new skills and put them to good use by helping preserve our heritage and build our future.

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